Maternity Photography

Maternity – when a woman embarks on a lifelong journey!



Your everyday life changes, and your thoughts are focused only on that little being growing in your womb… months of sweet and overwhelming anticipation that we will help you tell.


I, Irina, am a mother of a wonderful little boy, and I get emotional every time I look at the photographs of my pregnancy that my caring partner captured.


That’s why capturing such an important moment in a woman’s life has become a true mission for me, for us – a story of a beginning of a journey full of changes, contrasting emotions, fears, and breathtaking joys.



We will conduct the session between the 32nd and 38th week of pregnancy, which will take place at our studio in Scanzorosciate.


The studio offers a wide selection of outfits that vary in colors and styles to make you feel comfortable, but most importantly, beautiful!



With the pleasant weather, an outdoor session is also planned… Is there anything more beautiful than your baby bump illuminated by the warm sunset?



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