Photography: Magic Memories

Photography: Magic Memories

Photography: Magic Memories


Photography as a valuable antidote to loneliness, especially these days.

Don’t be misled by people trying to get you away from the past with its lights and shadows, and instead take an enjoyable break to recollect it. Indeed, there is something magical about memories; a sort of an enchantment, that if experienced brings serenity, joy, and a very sweet melancholy.

Nowadays, keeping memories alive is certainly not easy. There is also the risk of feeling excluded and marginalised by the “hysteria” of haste and of the time seized without depth and without nurturing the past, thus not having fruits towards the future.

Choosing the photographer with the utmost attention considering even the smallest details will bring you all the memories that make your most beautiful day unique! I would say that “marriage” lives sweetly in our memories.

This is something that we can all do: laying ourselves to this pleasant sensation mixed with melancholy for the passing time, moments that appear and disappear, and with our heart  trying to chase it.

Finally, do not underestimate that this magic could represent a precious antidote to loneliness.

Reportage photography is a tale, a story shared with others (whom will remember and tell this time), and therefore has a disruptive effect against loneliness.

Memory represents individual, familiar and collective history, so erasing it is like throwing away a piece of our life. We spend thousands for flowers, locations, clothes, cars, party favors and the cake ….

What about the photographer? Without him you have none of this but the memory!