Wedding at Antica dimora del Turco of Matteo and Alessandra


Matteo and Alessandra’s wedding was a day of joy and love with a religious ceremony in the picturesque church of Valeggio sul Mincio and a reception at the Antica Dimora del Turco Restaurant. The sunny weather added a touch of warmth and happiness to the day.

In the church, surrounded by their loved ones, Matteo and Alessandra exchanged their vows of eternal love. The ceremony was touching and solemn, with music creating an emotional atmosphere.

After the church, everyone moved to the Antica Dimora del Turco Restaurant to celebrate. The meal was an extraordinary culinary experience, with delicious dishes and fine wines. Guests shared happy moments and emotional speeches, celebrating the union of Matteo and Alessandra.

The day was characterized by love and sharing with their loved ones, creating precious memories that will last a lifetime. The sunny weather made everything even brighter and more special. It was an authentic and meaningful wedding, uniting two souls on a day of shared love and happiness.