Wedding at Carlo Magno in Brescia of Manuel and Serena


Manuel and Serena’s wedding was an emotional event that took place on a rainy but meaningful day. The religious ceremony was held at the church in Botticino, a solemn and touching moment where the couple exchanged their vows of eternal love.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom, along with the guests, moved to the Carlo Magno Restaurant in Brescia for the reception. Despite the inclement weather, the restaurant provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the celebration.

The meal was an extraordinary culinary experience, with delicious dishes and fine wines that delighted everyone’s taste buds. Emotional speeches from the best men and family members added a touch of affection and joy to the event.

Despite the rain, Manuel and Serena’s love and happiness shone brightly. The day was a celebration of love and commitment, and the rain added a touch of romance to the atmosphere. The party continued with dancing and laughter until the late hours, creating indelible memories for the couple and all the guests. It was a memorable wedding where love triumphed over the weather.