Wedding at Collina dei Sogni of Marco and Cristina


Marco and Cristina’s wedding was a special occasion celebrated on a sunny day filled with emotions. The religious ceremony took place at the picturesque Altino Sanctuary, a location that added deep spirituality to their union. Marco and Cristina exchanged their vows in front of family and friends, creating a touching and heartfelt moment.

After the ceremony, everyone moved to the Collina dei Sogni Restaurant, where a lovely reception was arranged. The meal was a culinary feast with delicious dishes and local delicacies, accompanied by refined wines.

The speeches from the best men and relatives added a personal and affectionate touch to the day. Music and the dance floor unleashed the joy and energy of the participants, who danced and celebrated into the late hours.

Marco and Cristina’s wedding was a memorable experience, bringing together love, happiness, and spirituality on a special day. The beautiful sunny weather made everything even more magical, and the emotions shared with friends and family will remain a precious memory for the rest of their lives. It was an unforgettable celebration that marked the beginning of their journey together.