Wedding at Tenuta Casa Virginia of Zaharia and Ilaria


Zakaria and Ilaria’s wedding was a day of great joy and love. The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Tenuta Casa Virginia restaurant in Almè, on a beautiful sunny day, surrounded by their loved ones.

The ceremony was a special moment during which Zakaria and Ilaria exchanged their vows and promises of eternal love. The atmosphere was filled with emotion and significance, with the presence of their friends and family making the moment even more special.

After the ceremony, everyone gathered for the reception at the restaurant. The meal was a true culinary spectacle, with delicious dishes prepared with care and served in an elegant setting. The company of their loved ones made the moment convivial and joyful.

The sunny day contributed to creating a cheerful and bright atmosphere. Smiles, hugs, and happy moments filled the day, making Zakaria and Ilaria’s wedding an unforgettable experience.

It was an authentic and meaningful celebration of the love between two special people, shared with those who are closest to their hearts. The sunny day added a touch of beauty and joy, turning the wedding into a precious memory they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.