Wedding at Villa Belvedere 1849 in Caravaggio of Urania and Letizia


Uriana and Letizia’s wedding was a special and joyful day, characterized by the beauty of nature and the presence of their loved ones, including their beloved dog. The ceremony took place in a picturesque outdoor location, where the couple exchanged vows of eternal love under a blue and radiant sky. The atmosphere was brisk, with sunny weather that made the day even more perfect.

After the ceremony, everyone moved to the Restaurant Villa Belvedere 1849 for the reception. The meal was an extraordinary culinary experience, with delicious dishes prepared with care and served in an elegant atmosphere. The historic villa added a touch of class and romance to the celebration.

The presence of their dog added a special touch to the day, bringing joy and affection to all the guests. It was a symbol of the couple’s love and unity.

The day was an occasion to celebrate the love of Uriana and Letizia, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the affection of their loved ones. The sunny and brisk weather made the wedding even more memorable, providing joyful and romantic moments. It was a heartfelt and authentic celebration that will remain in the hearts of everyone as a day of shared love and joy.