Wedding in Bergamo at Fontanile Venue of Lorenzo and Roberta


As their photographers, we are thrilled to tell you about the wonderful wedding of Lorenzo and Roberta, which took place on October 1, 2023 at the “Fontanile” restaurant in San Lucio Events. The day was full of emotion and happiness, with a splendid setting and many nice guests who gathered to celebrate the love of the two spouses.

The ceremony took place in the church. Lorenzo and Roberta have chosen to pronounce their vows in an intimate and romantic setting, surrounded by their closest loved ones. Their pledges of love were heartwarming and sincere, and the emotion was palpable in the air.

The “Fontanile” restaurant is a truly enchanting place, surrounded by a picturesque landscape with flower gardens and a central pond. The atmosphere was festive, with a touch of elegance. The decor and lighting in the restaurant created a romantic atmosphere that was perfect for the occasion.

The menu was a triumph of flavours, with refined and creative dishes. Each course was a work of culinary art, lovingly prepared and impeccably presented. During the banquet, the guests laughed, joked and shared moments of joy with the bride and groom. The positive emotions and love in the air were contagious.

After dinner, it was time to cut the wedding cake. The cake was a pastry masterpiece, decorated with elegance and style. Lorenzo and Roberta exchanged sweet kisses in front of all the guests, with applause and smiles as the soundtrack.

The party then moved into full swing, with a lively dance floor and a selection of music to suit all tastes. The bride and groom and the guests went wild, dancing until late at night