Wedding in Cascina San Lorenzo in Franciacorta of Stefano and Stefhanie


Stefano and Stefanie’s wedding was a magical and unforgettable event that took place in the beautiful setting of Cascina San Lorenzo last June. The day was blessed with sunshine, giving everyone a sense of warmth and joy.

It all began with the spectacular arrival of the bride and groom by helicopter, a moment that left the guests in awe. Stefano and Stefanie disembarked from the helicopter with radiant smiles, immediately conveying a palpable sense of excitement.

The ceremony was held outdoors, amidst a lush and fragrant garden. The couple had chosen a simple yet elegant floral arch for their vows exchange, with their closest family and friends looking on, deeply moved. The words of love and commitment spoken by Stefano and Stefanie touched everyone’s hearts.

After the ceremony, guests were welcomed with a buffet of local delicacies and fine wines. Jazz music created a relaxed atmosphere as guests mingled and shared stories of love and friendship.

Dinner was served under a starry sky, with soft lighting making everything even more romantic. During the speeches, friends and family shared humorous anecdotes about the couple, eliciting laughter and tears of joy.

The evening continued with a lively dance floor, where the bride and groom opened the dance with a passionate performance. The celebration lasted into the late hours of the night, with everyone dancing and having a great time.

Stefano and Stefanie’s wedding was an experience that captured the beauty of love and friendship on a perfect day. Cascina San Lorenzo, the shining sun, and the helicopter arrival made this day truly unforgettable for all who were a part of it.