Wedding photo shoots: what does the price depend on?

Wedding photo shoots: what does the price depend on?

Wedding photo shoots: what does the price depend on?


Why our services are not for free?

This topic is dear to all of us, that is, to spend little on the photo shoot.
There are people willing to do it for free, so why should you pay us?

Here are 6 good reasons:

1 Training: Courses and work shops are not free and for a professional keeping up with the times it is essential to offer fresh proposals that can prove to be an added value to recognise also economically.

2 Professionalism: Selling cheaply your professionalism means implicitly denying its objective value, and which customer would be willing to pay for something that has no value? Proposing your professional skills at a low price undermines and diminishes their value.

3 Time = money: The team of Mifotografi pampers the couple from the first contact. However, this involves our commitment and time that is not limited at the day of the wedding. Is it right to give a precious commodity like time without getting nothing in return?

4 Company legal duties: In order to maintain Mifotografi active and healthy we have revenues, that although aren’t high they cover the administrative, material, equipment and software costs with which we work during our shoots.

5 Tax issue: Providing free services can trigger the risk of tax assessments due to omitted invoicing, since professional services carried outside family ties is not considered plausible as it is clearly unprofitable.

6 If you want something that costs you 0 it will also be 0: Not everyone gets the value of a professional service, it is precisely its cost that transfers the right value. If we buy a cheap pair of shoes we should not expect quality and durability. The same works with Photography, which after a short time, if sold cheaply, it cannot guarantee the special emotion of the moment.

In conclusion, having spent adequately for a photo shoot will lead to a serious and profitable working relationship, guaranteeing the best result of the project with greater satisfaction for both the client and the professional.